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Account Opening

To utilise the services offered by a depository, any person having investment in any security or intending to invest in securities needs to have a demat account with a CDSC-DP.


Dematerialisation is a process by which physical certificates (of shares / debentures / other securities) are converted into electronic balances.

Transmission of securities

CDSC offers a facility for transmission of balances held in BO account/s (to other BO account/s).

Account Statement

Generally a DP sends to the BO, a statement of his account, if required by BO, if there is any transaction in the account. The balances and transactions can also be viewed by the BOs through CDSC web based facility ‘Mero Share’.


Rematerialisation is the process by which the electronic balances held in the demat account can be converted back into physical certificates.


If the BO decides to pledge any securities in his BO account, he can avail of the same by submitting the pledge creation form duly completed, to his DP.

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